​​​​Is your mind full of stress and anxiety? Are you looking for a natural way to be calm and find peace?

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How The Program Works

The world is a constant, dizzying competition. To have peace of mind, to
operate at our best, and be as healthy as we can be, we need to manage
anxiety. Stress and anxiety rob you of time, health and energy every day, and they deplete your enthusiasm to improve the quality of your life. Constantly being busy, always running late and pressed for time will take its toll on your well-being. Start reprogramming yourself to relax and get to where you want to be in your life.

  • Trance, in one form or another, has been a transformative part of human experience for millennia.
  • Doctors, Dentists, Therapists and Hypnotherapists have used trance therapeutically since the 40’s and 50’s, and all the way up into present time.
  • Hypnosis is rigorously implemented by Top Athletes, successful Entrepreneurs & CEOs, and even the US military.
  • Hypnosis is also taught at major Universities including Princeton, Yale, and Harvard.
  • Inner Mind Sourcing™, a state of the art personal-change technology, works by synthesizing the most useful aspects of modern clinical Hypnotherapy, and then going beyond those things by utilizing the full processing power of the Subconscious.


​A Complete 5 Audio Process for Well-Being

​This 5 Audio Program is designed to eliminate as many areas of stress and anxiety as possible, and to reprogram your  mind to think more positively. It’s an old myth which says that always thinking about and preparing for the worst is a good strategy for living. The reason this is a myth is because what you expect and prepare for, you Create! While on the flip-side, thinking positively does not mean ignoring reality or not paying attention, it means organizing and directing your thoughts and feelings and other resources towards success instead of disappointment or failure. Why waste time worry about things which may never happen, when you could be creating and preparing for what you actually want to experience in your life? This program is designed to make that course-correction and get you going in the way you want to go, to experience that life you really want to live.

​Featuring over two hours of audio sessions!

Meet the Founders

Christina Higgens,


​Patrick Singleton,


Meet Christina

​​​​Founder and Director of International Clinical Hypnotherapy and Co-Founder of Hypnotherapy Global, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP & IMS Practitioner based in San Diego, California.
​After graduating from Andrews University with a BA in Psychology and Spanish, she pursued a career first as a counselor in psychology, and later in education. During that time, she traveled and lived all over the world, learning new languages and cultures, always with a passion for actualizing and realizing human potential. Christina has been to over 50 countries and has lived abroad in 7 of them, including Costa Rica, Spain, Jordan, China, Japan, Cuba, and the U.S. She enjoyed studying the languages, cultures, and martial arts of the countries while there. While living in Costa Rica, she studied Spanish and Tae Kwon Do. In Spain, she studied Spanish and Spanish culture. In Jordan, Christina studied Arabic and worked in anthropology and archaeology. In China, she studied Wushu and Mandarin, and while living in Japan, she studied Japanese, obtained her black belt in Aikido and became a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner. In her travels she has spent time with many cultures and even got to meet the Dalai Lama.

Christina is the real deal. I’ve tried hypnotherapy before with questionable results from other practitioners. Christina is the only one I know with the proper education and training to actually help people quickly and effectively. She has helped me realize very positive changes in my mood and confidence over the last couple of months in only a few sessions.

Jason M.

San Diego, CA

​​It was through these travels that she decided to seek an understanding of how to better achieve our full potential as human beings, and live fuller, more productive, healthier lives. Upon returning to the US, Christina enrolled in the accredited Hypnotherapy Academy of America, earning her Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist certifications, among others. Soon after she earned her NLP Practitioner certification through Master Practitioner and Trainer, Patrick Singleton, of Inner Mind Sourcing and Hypnotherapy Global. She has continued her studies on an ongoing basis with Inner Mind Sourcing, which is a very advanced way of dealing with the mind, incorporating techniques from hypnosis, NLP and beyond, comparing her work to that of a computer programmer and upgrader, where she helps others to upgrade their own hard drives, so to speak. She is currently certified through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, which is the largest of any hypnotherapy certifying board, as well as requiring continuing education in the field of hypnosis.

It was Christina’s determination, focus, and understanding the power of the mind that enabled her to become a counselor, a teacher, a successful martial artist, rock climber, successful businesswoman, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Along with helping individual and online clients, Christina also does workshops and corporate speaking engagements, and has made appearances on both television and radio, including CBS, This is LA, This is San Diego, and Business Talk Radio on Tune In Radio.

Meet Patrick

​Patrick Singleton is the Creator of Inner Mind-Sourcing™ and Co-founder of Hypnotherapy Global. He’s been teaching Hypnotherapy and NLP for 22 years, and has trained hundreds of people from all over the world. He’s a frequent presenter at Hypnotherapy Conferences around the Country, having presented in California numerous times for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, and several times at the Hypnothoughts Live Conferences in Las Vegas, and once at the IMDHA Conference in Florida. He’s given NLP and IMS Trainings in Santa Fe, Seattle, San Diego, Connecticut, Hot Springs Arkansas, and Austin Texas, and maintains a thriving private practice in Santa Fe where he lives with his wife Genie. In 1997, Patrick was hired by a Hypnotherapy Academy in Santa Fe, N.M. to teach basic NLP as part of a 350 hour Hypnotherapy Certification Program. Within the first year of teaching, he went through the Hypnotherapy Program himself, and was certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the Winter of 1997. A few years later, he helped redesign the entire ten week program, alongside the owner and a specialist in educational design.

Patrick is the best hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner in the state of New Mexico.
I've done years of traditional therapy, but nothing has had near the impact that Patrick
and his NLP techniques has had on my life. If you want to experience your better self in
all aspects, I highly encourage you to set up an office visit with him. I give Patrick Singleton
my very highest recommendation!

William L.

Ultimately, Patrick taught and coached at that school as the lead associate Instructor for 14 years. In 2011, Patrick created Inner Mind-Sourcing™ or IMS, which is a whole system of creating powerful and positive changes in people. It uses the altered state of Hypnotherapy and also incorporates some of the most useful things from NLP, but it goes further than either of those things because of the way that IMS uses the amazing intelligence of the Subconscious Mind to create very thorough and pervasive changes in people. To date, Patrick has created and presents 5 separate IMS Trainings, encompassing 8 full Manuals worth of material. And he still teaches a ten day NLP Facilitator Training, as well as Natal and Past-Life Regression Training. Today he works with Clients locally and from all over the country and worldwide, via the internet and even over the phone.

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Customer Testimonials

John L.

San Diego, CA

I was skeptical going in, as I had not had success with traditional therapy in the past. Before beginning, they explain the process in detail and the advantages of tapping into the subconscious as it is the true driver of our actions and emotions. I ended feeling 10 pounds lighter then when I arrived and have enjoyed the clarity and level of calmness since. Christina is excellent at her craft and I would recommend her services to anyone suffering from the human condition.

Victor C.

La Jolla, CA

My therapy sessions have had a huge positive effect on my life. It’s amazing, the power of our mind when we set the intention to use it correctly. They helped to reset the negative habits my subconscious had created. One thing I must say is that you must be ready to create change for yourself. Sometimes this can be a daunting task. I believe that in order to have maximum results with Hypnotherapy you must be willing to put out a lot of intellectual effort. This does not mean you have to be highly intelligent. I definitely am not. It just means you have to set aside the time to continually do the homework after the therapy sessions end.

Patricia G.

Berrien Springs, MI

This past summer I had been suffering from anxiety and insomnia brought on by a relocation to a new city. I was reluctant to take any sleep aids and continued to suffer until I was introduced to the benefits of hypnotherapy by Christina Higgens. After just one session, I was able to relax and put my troubles away long enough to enjoy a full 8 hours of sleep. The results were not only immediate but also long-term. Thanks to the unique technique used by Hypnotherapy Global, I have been able to relax my body and mind on my own.

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